Fulfilling Life Daily Devotional

We are called to not live a normal life but to live a fulfilling life that honours God by using our gifts and talents for His glory. Through this devotional, we will look at what it is to live a fulfilled life for God.

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14 hours ago

God chooses and sends us, He doesn't make mistakes. He knows our personalities, gifts and talents and the right place for us. Take confidence from that and know that He is always with you. 

23 hours ago

Jesus told us that there will be false prophets who will try and trick us into false lies about Him. Many people are deceived but we must counter act these people but preaching the gospel!

3 days ago

We will sin but we have to pick ourselves up and not beat ourselves up about it but learn from it and start again daily!

4 days ago

Our testimonies of different things that have happened in our lives through the intervention of God are amazing and powerful and most be told from generation to generation.

5 days ago

God knows not just what we are thinking but also our hearts. We can't hide anything from Him, He knows our lives. Are we living our lives that are pleasing to Him?

6 days ago

Jesus told His disciples that life is more than food and the body more than clothing. We know that God will provide what we need and we need to focus on what is the most important thing and that is God!

7 days ago

We all stand firm on the Good News that we have received and it is something that we keep on hearing. It isn't something that we should hear a few times or just once but all of the time!

Thursday Jul 18, 2024

Given the right reply to a response is always a pleasing thing but when we do it as a Christian response is always better! Sometimes we might have the right response but then we say a quick prayer to God for one!

Father & Defender - Psalm 68:5

Wednesday Jul 17, 2024

Wednesday Jul 17, 2024

God is the Father to the fatherless and Protector of widows, when this was written this would have seemed absolutely incredible, which it is because of who He is!

Tuesday Jul 16, 2024

Nehemiah's heart was broken for Jerusalem. So much so that it showed on his face in front of the king of Babylon, who he was cup-bearer to. The king allowed him to go back to restore Jerusalem. Does your heart break for something today?

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